All Roads Lead to Atlanta

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

July 13, 2023

Atlanta Food and Wine Festival 2023

September 20th marks the return of Atlanta’s largest annual food festival, featuring weekend tasting tents, chef demonstrations, and gourmet gatherings at restaurants around the city.

When Atlanta Food & Wine Festival made its debut in 2010, our mission was simple:  we wanted to shine a national spotlight on the rich Southern food and beverage traditions from Texas to D.C. We also had a secondary goal of positioning Atlanta as the gateway to the epicurean South.

As reviews came in following our second festival in May 2012, including one by award-winning writer Josh Ozersky with TIME and that called us the “only indispensable food event in the country” and the South as the “new gastronomic capital of America,” we knew we were well on our way to achieving our goal.

Enter our 2023 theme: All Roads Lead to Atlanta. Buckle up, because it’s time to take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey!

What’s New?

Our beloved tasting tents have consistently delighted attendees year after year, earning tremendous popularity. And when the people ask for more, we deliver! We are thrilled to unveil a brand-new event for this year's festival: "Atlanta After Dark" on Friday, September 22nd, co-hosted by Alyssa Fagien, founder of ATL Bucket List.

Atlanta After Dark is the ultimate kickoff as our classic Tasting Tents take on a whole new twist. Over 50 delicious food stations and an enthralling cocktail competition await as mixologists unleash their creativity with mesmerizing concoctions and the goal to earn your vote. Both a judge's choice and an attendee's choice champion will be crowned among the glowing neon lights.

What’s Back on the Menu?

If you're a true food fanatic, you won't want to miss a single day of the tasting tents where you can savor the whole culinary journey (make sure to stop by the Publix Demo Stage!). All Weekend Access tickets are available to purchase at a discount. But if you're more into relaxing and having a delicious meal indoors with fantastic beverage pairings and great company, then you must reserve a seat at one of our twelve gourmet gatherings.

At our intimate dinner and brunch series, you’ll receive a front-row seat at some of the city's most renowned restaurants. And believe us, those award-winning Southern chefs will blow your mind with their multi-course feasts. Tickets to gourmet gatherings will be available for purchase early August.

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Purchase tickets to the tasting tents online here. Tasting tent tickets includes entrance and unlimited food and drinks.

Prepare for the Festival: 5 Tips for the Best Experience

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